The Art of Labor

Birth Services through Gina Leigh McNally, CD(CBI)

As part of my birth services I offer private childbirth classes!  Classes may be scheduled for weekday evenings or weekend afternoons. I suggest completing all classes by your 36th week of pregnancy.  

Individual Classes:

Each individual class runs roughly 2 hours in length depending on the specific needs of each woman/family.

Understanding Birth Options

Become fully informed of all the options you have regarding labor & birth in order to have the best experience possible. Topics include understanding your options regarding hospital procedures, pain medications & labor augmentation, how different interventions affect labor, how to create the perfect birth plan, how to avoid unnecessary or unwanted interventions, how to best avoid a c-section, and much more.

What to Expect from 
Labor & Birth

Learn about what to expect during the different stages of labor including pre-labor signs, how the cervix dilates, the baby's decent into the birth canal, and all of the things the books don't tell you about each stage. Also learn what to expect postpartum both physically and emotionally and how to deal with issues that may arise.

Labor Comfort Techniques

Learn how the body and mind work together during labor and what causes the pain women feel. Learn the best ways to naturally manage these discomforts by practicing different pain relieving techniques. (*Birth partners are strongly advised to attend this class)

Breastfeeding Basics

Learn the basics of breastfeeding including how to get breastfeeding off to a great start, proper positioning & latching techniques, how to overcome common issues, how to pump & store breastmilk when returning to work, etc.

Ready For Birth Course:

This course is broken into 3 separate classes 2 hours classes and is designed to prepare you for all that is to come with labor, birth and the early postpartum period. This course includes an in-depth explanation of the labor and birth process, a look at all of the options available to you for your birth, hands-on teaching of various comfort techniques for labor as well as an overview of what to expect in the early postpartum period. At the end of the course you feel educated, empowered, and ready for birth.