The Art of Labor

Birth Services through Gina Leigh McNally, CD(CBI)


Here are some comments and testimonials from mothers I was able to support during their labors (Note: due to a limit of 1000 characters, some of the testimonials have been shortened):

Quotes I was so happy to have Gina as my doula. In the pre-meetings she was well prepared & covered everything you would need to know about birth. During the birth she came prepared with the knowledge of positions to try, massage tools & aromatherapy. She also did an exceptional job of keeping notes of my birth. Throughout my laboring process she was right there to ease my back labor with the hip squeeze & massage. The most valuable service Gina offered was keeping me calm by informing me of what was happening. Even though I was fully educated on the birth process, there is nothing like being in the moment. The nurses were there but did not offer thorough explanations of what was happening or what I should expect. Gina was there to calm me & hold my hand when my husband was with our little one. Overall I would/will hire Gina again as my doula & I would recommend her to a friend as well. She was well educated & you can tell she loves what she does. Quotes
Marissa M.
Birthed October 2013

Quotes I was extremely pleased with my doula, Gina McNally. She was very thorough, responsible, prepared, & supportive. She is a sincere person who is truly on your side to make sure your labor goes the way you want it. In the weeks leading up to my delivery, we met to make sure that I was ready and prepared for labor. Gina was great working with my husband & made sure that he knew she was there to support him and not replace his role. During delivery, Gina worked hard to keep me as calm & comfortable as possible. She brought her bag of goodies to assist in medication-free pain relief for me & applied massage and counter pressure techniques when my contractions became stronger. She stayed with me during my very long, 24-hour delivery & supported me when I diverted from my birth plan and decided to get an epidural after 15 hours. Gina was an integral part of my delivery. With a young, enthusiastic personality and extensive knowledge of delivery procedures, I highly recommend her as a doula. Quotes
Angela Conley
Birthed in April of 2013

Quotes As a new mom coming from a family with a few "overbearing" women telling me what to do and how to do it, I was looking to have a birth experience that reflected the exact opposite of this. Gina's ability to be laid back and calm was appealing to me when choosing her as my doula. Even when things got overwhelming during my labor, Gina stood by us and made me feel confident in my decisions. I continued to feel her support and encouragement when she visited us at home 2 weeks later. She made me feel like a good mom and that my decisions for my baby were the right ones. Quotes
Birthed May of 2013

Quotes "We prayed for a natural, gentle and quick childbirth, and according to how our childbirth went we feel our prayer has been answered... I did not know if I really could do this but being surrounded by loving and caring people like my husband, mother, and doula helped tremendously." "My doula was a great, excellent individual. i would recommend her to others". Quotes
Birthed in February 2013