The Art of Labor

Birth Services through Gina Leigh McNally, CD(CBI)

About Gina:

A Little About Me:

I  am a wife to my husband Jeff & mother to my sons Xander & Parker who are my world. I had Xander in December of 2011 and Parker was born January of 2014. My own birth experience with Xander (described briefly below), along with the research I did on birth while I was pregnant is what led me to this line of work and I am now a certified birth doula through Childbirth International. I am extremely passionate about pregnancy & childbirth and absolutely love what I do. 


My Philosophy On Childbirth:

 I believe that childbirth is a natural process that should not be feared, and rarely needs to be medically intervened. That said, I have experienced childbirth myself and know first hand that, while natural, it certainly is not easy. I know and understand just how physically & emotionally draining labor can be. I also know that while women can go into labor with very strict intentions, the toll labor takes on them can alter their plans entirely. After planning my entire first pregnancy on having an all natural childbirth I was surprised at how easily I caved into my doctor's requests to use medical interventions I did not want. I learned a lot from my birthing experience including how easily birth plans can be altered, along with ways to help stick to your plans & achieve the birth experience you want. When I was pregnant with my son Parker I was once again determined to have an all natural birth and thankfully, with the help of my amazing and very supportive birth team, I was able to have the amazing drug-free water birth I had hoped for. My personal experiences play a big part in my role as a doula and my desire to help empower woman to achieve their birth goals. Women deserve to know that they have options in labor and to feel confident making & standing up for their birth choices. As a doula, while I do believe in the woman's power to give birth naturally, I certainly do not believe every woman needs to have an unmedicated birth. I support women however they choose to labor. My mission is to empower women to take charge of their births and have the experience they desire, whether it be drug free or medicated. 


My Training & Experience:

Certifications and Training:

~Certified Birth Doula (CBI)

~Certified in neonatal resuscitation

~Trained midwife's assistant



~Hospital Births


~Free standing Birth Center Births

~Medicated Births

~Natural births



~Labor Induction

~Higher risks moms 

~Breastfeeding assistance


Volunteer Work:

~ I am a former volunteer doula with Twin Cities Doula Project- a non-profit organization